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Felly's 'Surf Trap Tour' was such a dope time last night and I have to shout out Sony Music again for providing the tickets to us. It was definitely a first timer for NSR to vlog a concert, and we're so glad it was this one! The energy was fire and Felly and his opening acts were so great with the crowd. We will be posting all videos and images to our website and IG @naturalsoulrhythm so make sure to check it out! @TRIPCARTER Trip was Felly's first opening act and he brought the HEAT!! He really set up the energy for the crowd right from the jump. His songs were sooooo bomb it was easy to get into his performance. We found out that he met Felly and his third band mate Gyyps back in college a

Summer Walker: A List of Our Favorite Things

Summer Walker has become the new 'IT' girl since her recent signing with LVRN (Love Renaissance). She's definitely been around for a minute, having appeared in numerous music videos such as Kanye West's 'Gold Digger' and T.I.'s 'I'm a King'. She was born in Texas, but later moved to Atlanta to pursue her music career. Since the release of her album 'Last Day of Summer', she has set up her position as the artist too watch throughout the entire music community. Here is why I'M obsessed with her: 1. We hear love songs all the time from the girl's perspective. But what about sex? She is the type of artist that allows women to embrace their sexual sides with no remorse. Her most popular song 'Gi

Confidently Lose Yourself With Sabrina Claudio

Each artist has something special in them that catches the people's eye. Their sound, their look: there is always that . . . something. Artist, Sabrina Claudio, is devastatingly sensual. Her voice is silk, making her sound sweep around your ears and sink into your brain like caramel. She makes you get in touch with you feminine side. I'm talking silk bathrobes and a bubble bath, lounging around eating cherries all day kinda feminine. Yes boys, I'm pointing fingers at y'all as well. When I first heard her album 'Confidently Lost', I had just graduated High School. I was starting my first semester of college and I was scared. I had no idea what was going to happen in the future. Was I going to

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