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   Mia Taylor is a singer/songwriter from Clinton Hills in Brooklyn, NYC. At the age of three, she attended the Bed Stuy Youth Arts Academy where she discovered her love of music through the practice of dance. At the age of twelve, one of Taylor's instructors encouraged her to sing in the annual end of term showcase dance. That is where she found her voice. Taylor was brought up in a musical family filled with singers and musicians. The one person who influenced her the most was her grandfather, Stephan Sardinha, who was a steel pan pioneer from the beautiful Caribbean isle of Trinidad and Tobago. The Caribbean soca sound had a huge influence on Mia Taylor's music. Thus, allowing her to produce a soca song of her own. After reaching almost 100k plays on SoundCloud from her remix to Fetty Wap's '679', Taylor released her first soca single 'FIYAH'. As she embraced her roots through her music, many doors began to open up for her in the soca world. Taylor now attends Berklee College of Music, where she plans on continuing to write, create and perfect her voice and artistry. Her number one goal is to work towards positively impacting others through her music.

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