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Mona's Lounge

Mona's Lounge is a premier live music video recording venue with the goal of promoting the top up and coming artists from Berklee College of Music and artists nationwide. Guided by the visions of its founders, Shirleen Chen, Negin Jaz and Mitchie Rivera, Mona's lounge unites musicians, producers, engineers, and all creatives to collaborate on projects that can engage a global audience through social media. The idea of Mona's Lounge Live Sessions came about in 2017 during the first month of it's founders moving in together to their apartment in Boston, MA. Chen had filmed and recorded a cover of All I Want by Kodaline for Jaz and Rivera in their apartment living room, making it the first Mona's Lounge Live Session posted online. In a matter of months, artists from all around the world studying at Berklee College of Music were booking recording sessions at Mona's lounge before the official launch of the company in January, 2018. In September (2017) Mona's Lounge partnered with Natural Soul Rhythm to further promote artists through interviews and online music blogging. It is recognized that there are countless talented, but undiscovered artists. Mona's Lounge provides those artists with a visual representation of their music through music videos, photoshoots, and interviews for all their social media platforms.

- Shirleen Chen: manager and Head of Video Production
- Charlie Lublin: Head of Audio Engineering