*fangirl-ing cause look at how cute they are*

DISCLAIMER: Before I begin, we want to apologize for the audio quality in the interview with 7th Degree. Unfortunately we lost the audio during the editing process. HOWEVER, it doesn't take away from this bomb ass interview we put together for you today soooooo turn up the sound and listen up !!

First off, can I just say that fitting 8 grown ass men onto that tiny couch was HARD ! They are so big and so tall I was just confused and squeezed into a corner. Y'all it was rough. But it's all good! We made it work. And oh my GOD these guys are hilarious. It was like watching a sitcom the entire time. They interact with each other like they're brothers, poking fun and making jokes off of what someone else said. Y'all in the need for a good laugh? Watch this interview.

Now let's talk about 7th Degree:

A local band from Boston, MA this group is made up of guys from all over the world. From Jersey to Trinidad to Australia, it's literally all corners of the Earth coming together to make great music. A mix of fusion funk and jazz, they capture the sound that makes everyone groove to the beat. It's never a boring show when they perform! And the fact that they are releasing an EP?? BROWNIE POINTS !!

One of the things that caught my eyes the most was when I first saw them perform. I had just arrived in Boston to start my first semester at Berklee College of Music. 7th Degree was up on the stage for my orientation day. They were set to perform a cover of Snarky Puppy. As soon as I heard that first hit, I was entranced. It was almost like they were speaking their own language while they played. I had never seen or heard anything like it. After I spent more time at Berklee, I heard they released their first single 'Break Away'. Steel pan played by Marcus accented perfectly. Jamil would follow him on the bass while Ben took on his guitar solo. Eric intertwined his own notes on keys, while Marc Anthony and James blared from the horn section. Danny was keeping rhythm the whole time on the drums. It was all so unique because the guys added personality and truth to what they were playing. Every performance is worth the time. Every song is worth the listen.

And I heard there was an EP on the horizon? Double brownie points !!

I genuinely feel they have something special in them. It's just to magical to not believe in them, ya know? Do I think they're there yet? Almost! There is room for growth and development, definitely. The potential is there and I want so badly for them to become something!

So 7th Degree, listen to me right here: You guys have talent. You guys have something UNIQUE. Don't lose it! Keep working together and always remember that consistency is the key to success.



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