What's gucci Soul Mates? What's happenin' what's poppin' ??? Ok I'm calm. BUT I'm also so hype for you guys to finally see what we've been working on! JACKSON LUNDY EVERYBODY!! *applause applause*

Ok serious time. He is really something else guys. His single 'Calypso' put him on the map a year ago as an official 'Under Ground Sound-Cloud Artist'. His EP has equally been successful, taken in with open arms by the music community. So, let's talk about that.

'Aromatic' is made up of four songs:

1. Beggar's Lullaby

2. Justwanna

3. Nightfall

4. Got It Bad (feat. Lincoln)

Every song can be looked at as its own individual personality. They somehow blend so perfectly together, yet stand out and give their own messages. It's beautifully produced and harmonized with vocals and acoustics. I personally haven't heard anything like this in a long time when it comes to a MALE artist. It's feminine. It's sexy. It's a whole vibe that I need to get more of! My personal favorite song is Justwanna. When I sat down with Lundy to speak about his projects, he told me the background story of the song. "It's based off past experience", he explains to me. "It's basically about a woman . . . who wanted to pay me for . . . my company". Ya'll when I tell you I was S H O O K. The remarkable thing though is that he really captured that mood. He told that entire experience without revealing too much. It's such a bop I can't get over it (as I'm listening to it right now).

Getting to talk to Jackson Lundy was so much fun. He is sooooo shy! His music literally leaks confidence, yet he is one of the shyest people I've ever met. And y'all he's TALL! I felt like such a tiny person sitting next to him. I told him "Imma need you to slouch a little so we can be on the same level". He is so sweet and very humble about himself. He was genuinely surprised that people took so much from his music. I was astonished when he said that one of his musical influences was Stevie Wonder. I told him "Your music doesn't really match Stevie's. How has he influenced you"? He just simply said "His music". The chords he means, that Stevie used in his songs. Such a musician at heart.

Overall, the entire experience was heartwarming. Watching him perform his song during our Mona's Lounge Live Session proved to me how authentic his talents are. He is a kind soul. He has a very developed and mature sound. I can confidently say that Jackson Lundy will continue to make his mark on the music industry. Jackson, Imma need those VIP backstage tickets/passes when you start selling out stadiums!!!

Make sure you scroll down to listen to his full EP Aromatic and his single Calypso. And if you wanna download, check him out on Apple Music!

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