Damn, is it Scorpio season already? Drake definitely believes so. His newest album 'Scorpion' has dominated the charts, with over 170 million streams on several music platforms, including Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify. A double sided album with 25 different songs, Drake definitely gave us what we've been asking for. THE JUICY DETAILS !! Now listen here, NSR is not a gossip column. But, you can't tell us with a straight face that ya'll haven't been itching to find out all the facts of what's been going on in his life. Drama? A SON ?? LOVE AFFAIRS ????? He's been through a lot this past year. Now he's ready to tell us all about it. So here are some of our favorite tracks:

- Emotionless/March 14: 'Emotionless' is one of the most talked about songs in the entire album, Drake finally comes clean about his son. Still no specifics on how it happened and what the boy's name is, but he does confirm what we've all been wondering. The rapper explains, "I didn't hide my kid from the world / I hid the world from my kid". Fair enough Drake. We feel for you. 'March 14', I would say, is like the part two of a very long and complicated plot. "She not my lover like Billie Jean / but the kid is mine / Sandi used to tell me all it takes is one time / And all it took was one time". Moms s are always right.

- Elevate: "I wanna thank God for workin' / Way harder than Satan / He's playin' favorites / It feels amazin' " is such an iconic line because it so fully represents the emotion Drake is putting out. This song is all about the explosion of fame his career has taken on. This past year every single song he put out has been a hit, earning millions of streams from all over. Elevation is an understatement. (And here's a fun fact: PartyNextDoor had a hand in writing this).

- Finesse: Can't really put my finger on what this song is exactly about. Or more like who. Rihanna? Jorja Smith? We all know Drake got the juice, so who inspired this one? But here's our favorite thing about him: he knows how the heart works. I think us females can agree that some of the best lines in this song are "I want my baby to have your eyes" and "Things would get cancelled / I would make time for you / Commitment / Going the distance / I'm new to all of this". Such a smooth talker *wink wink

He brought some great features as well including Jay-Z, Ty Dolla $ign, Static Major and . . . Michael Jackson?? Listen ya'll when I heard his voice I thought I was hearing things. So it it turns out these were just pre-recorded vocals the Pop Legend recorded before his death in 2009. Very clever Drake. This was probably one of the most controversial features on the album but, we appreciated it!

To end this lengthy album review, this is an album to go down in the history books. Y'all can never say Drake is a slacker. Scorpio season came early this year.