What's Gucci what's popping up in the club??

I know I know, it's been a while but NSR is back and better than ever ! And who did we bring back with us? AMBER AISSSSSSSSSS !!!!!

We'd like to start off by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER AIS!! We just so happen to be releasing her very first interview today. Is that fate or what?

Her EP 'Seattle', which came out last year, is sweet and inspiring. Let's take a look at what we've got:

1. Vegas

2. Seattle

3. Solid Ground

Indie inspired, the entire EP is acoustic based. "I start playing around on my guitar and humming filler words" Amber explains as she walks me through her songwriting process. "My friend and I were watching Ocean's eleven and she said, 'wow I fell in love with Vegas'. I was like woah that sounds like a song", which is how her first song Vegas was born.

Solid Ground was a more personal song, inspired by the fact that she was about to be graduating college and she had no idea what was going to happen. "I was scared. I asked God where I was going and I started to right Solid Ground". This is personally my favorite song BECAUSE it's so genuine. Everyone gets scared about where they'll be going in life and if they'll be successful at the things they dream of. If you ever feel down about yourself or your talents, this is the song you need to be listening to while eating a tub of ice cream. For real.

Interviewing Amber was actually really eye opening. We had the chance to dig a little deeper. She opened up to me about her connection with God, and how she allows him to influence her music. She allows him to lead her through life. "I know I'll be ok, because he makes sure I'm ok". It was an honorable moment because most times, people don't want to speak on things like that. It was very sweet that she felt comfortable to speak to me about it. She wears her heart out on her sleeve. A trait we should all strive for.

SPEAKING OF BEING OPEN HAHAHA who wants to hear all about our embarrassing moments???

We shared our most embarrassing moments during our interview and . . . Listen, before ya'll watch this video I just gotta say don't judge me on my moment ok? It was a safe space and we shared and ya know what? It was a long time and I'm still cute sooooo yeah. Her and I both shared our most HORRIBLE embarrassing moments together. It was actually great I was so surprised that she was open to that. But she's amazing that way so it was just an iconic moment on NSR. Thanks girl!

My biggest take away with Amber was that she was proud of being just a regular girl enjoying life, genuinely and openly, leading by the faith of God. She's strong and honest and everything that I want to be when I grow up. Amber, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you the best of luck in everything that you do. Remember that you have your own sound! Be proud of yourself and always stay the beautifully open and compassionate person you are.

Until next time soulmates !

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