'I AM' tells us who SHE is

Daaaaaaaaaaaamn it's been a minute since we've come out with something new. Please forgive us! We've been working super hard on some new content for our Soul Mates to get in too! But we're back and better than ever! And today we are introducing to YOU Symphani Soto !!!

*rounds of applause*

*booty shaking all over the room*

*drops mic*

Alright, this girl right here??? We can definitely see her doing the big shows at Coachella in the future because her music is dope. We can tell off the bat she's a speaker of the heart. Released during the last weeks of September, majority of her EP 'I Am' talks about her being over the bullshit that these boys try to drag her into (raise your hand if ya'll have been there ladies). The entire project sounds like her diary, which is so heartwarming because she clearly wants people to connect to her on a person level.

Each song has it's own point of view from different moments of her 'story' with love. From the fresh beats of her song 'Way We Are' to the acoustics on 'Second Guessing', she always finds a way to add a new flare to the next song. You can never get bored of listening to the music. And the thing is, even though it's the kind of music that puts you in your feelings, it always had this motivational twist on it that reminds you that you are THAT bad bitch. Its never depressing, and never predictable.

Our FAVORITE part of 'I Am' is the last song. 'Don't Feel My Ego' is THE song to blast through the speakers of your car. She is confident, sexy and talented, and she's not apologizing for any of it. "I ain't tripping over no weak ass guy" has to be the most iconic and relatable line ever. She's a spokesperson for every girl that's ever been hurt by a guy. This song puts into perspective what's really important: loving who you are before, during and after a relationship.

The production side of it is probably one of the dopest parts of this newly found gem. The producer, who we have yet to find but don't worry we're on it, captured her sweet and sensual sound, while also standing by the feminine power the singer emanates. He/she does a damn good job setting the canvas for Symphoni to paint on.

We're excited to see more of what this little gem has to show.

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