Confidently Lose Yourself With Sabrina Claudio

Each artist has something special in them that catches the people's eye. Their sound, their look: there is always that . . . something. Artist, Sabrina Claudio, is devastatingly sensual. Her voice is silk, making her sound sweep around your ears and sink into your brain like caramel. She makes you get in touch with you feminine side. I'm talking silk bathrobes and a bubble bath, lounging around eating cherries all day kinda feminine. Yes boys, I'm pointing fingers at y'all as well.

When I first heard her album 'Confidently Lost', I had just graduated High School. I was starting my first semester of college and I was scared. I had no idea what was going to happen in the future. Was I going to pursue music like I had always dreamed? Was I going to end up at a job I hated? Was I going to be HAPPY? All of these questions circled around my head as I was trying to find myself amongst a crowd full of literal strangers in NYC. One day. I was walking down the street heading towards the subway station listening to music. At the time, I was hooked on Pandora cause I wanted to have a constant influx of new music (I was getting bored of what was on my phone). THEN !! Y'all AT THAT MOMENT I was blessed with the sound of Claudio's song Confidently Lost.


Her music has a sexual edge to it. Listening deeper into her lyrics and the way she presents her vocal styles, you realize she's telling her listeners to be okay with feeling lost and a little scared of the world. However, her desire is for us to find comfort within ourselves.

Literally listening to her sing is the most calming thing in the universe. I listened to her album for a least two weeks straight just taking everything in. I appreciated her being so open and raw about how life worked. I guess we think sometimes that we're the only ones feeling this unsettled feeling about how the world will deal its cards for us. Sabrina Claudio hasn't let it get the best of her, and it doesn't look like she'll be doing that any time soon.