Summer Walker: A List of Our Favorite Things

Summer Walker has become the new 'IT' girl since her recent signing with LVRN (Love Renaissance). She's definitely been around for a minute, having appeared in numerous music videos such as Kanye West's 'Gold Digger' and T.I.'s 'I'm a King'. She was born in Texas, but later moved to Atlanta to pursue her music career. Since the release of her album 'Last Day of Summer', she has set up her position as the artist too watch throughout the entire music community.

Here is why I'M obsessed with her:

1. We hear love songs all the time from the girl's perspective. But what about sex? She is the type of artist that allows women to embrace their sexual sides with no remorse. Her most popular song 'Girls Need Love' is like an open letter written for all the women who are too shy to let a guy know what's really up. It's refreshing and honestly so empowering too know that girls shouldn't be embarrassed to talk about sex just like guys do.

2. Let's ignore the fact that she's DJ Drama's ex-wife and focus on the fact that she built her fan base off of three singles: CPR, Girls need Love Too' and 'Deep'. 'CPR' shows a very vulnerable side to the strong persona she embodies. She found someone who brought her home through the love that they give. AND THEN I have a theory. Her third

single 'Deep', I believe, is the other side of that love. Here she talks about how the relationship is turning toxic because the intensity doesn't match the commitment. Lines like "cause we're way too in love to fuck and let go" speaks so many levels of truth in modern relationships today. Ya'll need some relationship/life advice? Summer Walker got bars.

3. Honestly, her entire album 'Last Day Of Summer' is the thing I've personally been waiting for. Yes she doesn't give a fuck, yes she is wild and uncaring: I love it. She's like the person I envy too be. So I guess all I wanna say is this: Thank you Summer Walker for being the type of woman we all need a little piece of.

Until next time Soul Mates . . .

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