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Felly's 'Surf Trap Tour' was such a dope time last night and I have to shout out Sony Music again for providing the tickets to us. It was definitely a first timer for NSR to vlog a concert, and we're so glad it was this one! The energy was fire and Felly and his opening acts were so great with the crowd. We will be posting all videos and images to our website and IG @naturalsoulrhythm so make sure to check it out!


Trip was Felly's first opening act and he brought the HEAT!! He really set up the energy for the crowd right from the jump. His songs were sooooo bomb it was easy to get into his performance. We found out that he met Felly and his third band mate Gyyps back in college at USC. Trip is known all over Soundcloud for his music, being labeled one of the most underrated artists this year. Doesn't look like he's so underrated after all. I'm positive that he gained hundreds of more followers, and will continue to do so as this tour goes on. Trip, we'll see you at your solo concert soon!


Alright this guy over here literally threw himself into the performance. He kept hopping off the stage and towards the crowd. I was so scared he was gonna bust his ass but he kept it steppin! He clearly loves performing and has been doing it for some time now. Gyyps' music was clearly known by the crowd and they bumped everything he threw at them. I can see the influences that Felly's music has given him, which he takes and runs with. He had to have some of the most memorable moments last night. A great time with a great guy.


GUYS! THIS GUY RIGHT HERE! Mannnn, he knows how too put on a show. I can understand the hype that everyone has been giving him. Hearing his music through headphones is one thing. But, when he gets on that stage and starts getting into the music, it's a different type of vibe. He spoke with his fans like they were his friends. He wasn't afraid to get close to everyone. I honestly thought he was gonna go crowd surfing at one point (I would have dropped him I'm too little for that). Felly loves making music. He loves seeing people ENJOY his music, and I think that was honestly the best part about watching him. I read an interview he had done with XXL magazine and he described his influences as hip-hop and reggae, and I see that. All of his songs speak on things that are important to him, which ya'll already know I'm a sucker for.

Felly, you are an amazing artist and you have something amazing in you. Thanks for sharing your music with Boston!

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