These past couple of months have been huge moments in music and we have been HIP TO ALL OF IT!!!!

Kehlani is known for her dope flow and down-to-earth lyrics. Her voice, her style and her grace has the music industry head over heels for her. And . . . SHE IS PREGNANT!! A mini Kehlani is gonna be running around soon and what an amazing way to welcome her special little one with the release of this sweet EP 'While We Wait'

Made up of 9 songs, she has some great people working with her. Ty Dolla Sign, DOM KENNEDY, and 6lack. Listening through all the songs I can't help but feel this is her just bringing us up to speed the last year of her life. What were some of the things that happened, how has she been feeling, what has it been like? Kehlani has always been the type of artist that stays open and true with her fans. This EP is nothing new.

What IS sticking out to us however, is the musical aspect of this project. That I-can-make-you-move beat is still working it's magic throughout the songs. However, she is giving us more laid-back vibes this time. the type of music you can listen to while either soaking up the sun on a beach down in the islands or in your bathtub chilling in some bubbly water. Kehlani is magical because you never get tired of listening to her. Her MUSIC MANNNN wow we're such huge fans. I remember when I saw her in concert my freshman year of college and I was completely entranced by her. Her personality shines bright through her music.

Our FAVORITE song off the EP has to be Footsteps Ft. Musiq Soulchild. So heart warming and honest. The message is all about two people who love each other, but sometimes things get in the way and it prevents the relationship from growing. Their lyrics speak on finding a higher place for your wellbeing, both mentally and spiritually. Kehlani not only speaks for herself, but lends advice to others as well:

"I feel like waking up I've had this dream before I'll take these footsteps Go higher, go higher I've walked an empty mile Wore down this lonely soul I'll take these footsteps Go higher, go higher"

We have named this year the Year of Women. Female Artists like Kehlani have taken the newest generation to a higher level. They have taught women to be strong and stand up for themselves in such a male-dominated industry. We are here to support every bit of it!!

ANYHOO, Kehlani girl you released an amazing project and we are so proud of you. Always stay true to yourself because you are a beautiful soul.

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