Wow I’m so happy and completely honored to share Natural Soul Rhythm’s one year anniversary with you guys!! My soul mates mean the world to me and I just want to say thank you for sticking around to see NSR grow!!

OK so let’s get started.

I discovered Myia Thornton’s talents the first time she ever performed for an audience. Berklee College of Music was hosting a T-Pain show, and she was one of the acts. The moment she started rapping I said to myself “I need to get her on NSR”. The tone of her voice was so smooth and ear-grabbing, and her flow was dope as hell. I felt her energy from where I was standing! It was like I saw a flash in my mind of all the things I could imagine her accomplishing and becoming. Which is WHY I am so excited to introduce this artist on the night of NSR’s one year celebration: Myia Thornton.

Thornton has been working tirelessly to make her first impressions onto the music world. Her very first single ‘Friends’ gained her hella clout and since then, people have been drawn to her. She then released her second single ‘Thinking About You’ followed by her very first EP ‘Mood For The Moment’ (available on all streaming platforms BTW you’re welcome). All of these things that just appeared after the summer and I was so shook and just overall impressed by how dedicated she had become and how consistently incredible her work was. Ugh wow, I think I’m in love y’all.

Guys, and THEN I had such a POPPIN TIME INTERVIEWING HER!! I feel like we could've talked for hours. Trading wisdom and having jokes was the best part and such a chill time. Her personality reflects through her music: chill and down to earth.


I'm proud of you. You've come so far from where you've started. You became this whole other person the moment you realized just how talented you are. Remember that! Remember you are good enough and always strive to be your best self.

Hope you guys are as hyped about our interview and live session as I am!!



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