SOUL MATES!!! Wow just wanna take this moment to say how much I love each and every one of you for always showing your love and support for NSR. IT MEANS THE WORLD!! We wouldn't exist without the love y'all give us so this article is dedicated to all the soul mates that keeps this all going. Thank you.

Alright guys. This incredible music duo have made their statements, both individually and collectively, in the music world and I am so honored to finally be presenting them as our next NSR Artists. Raven Moran-Deuce Got The Juice (top) is a producer, guitarist and songwriter from Houston, Texas. As a female, it is amazing to see another female musician making her way through a very male-dominated area of the industry. She has an incredible talent with creating beats, and has since been listed under numerous musical projects. Brandon Harris (bottom) is a singer/songwriter from Chicago. This man here is something else. Only 20 years old, he writes songs like he has experienced his entire life already. His words speak truth and pulls honesty from your soul without any kind of forcefulness. His voice is insane. Raw and intense. Evertime I've heard him sing or experienced performances by him, I can't help but let my emotions come out. I feel so connected to him, as do many others. Through vocals and lyrics, he is one of the few people who can fluently speak the language of life. Separate, they are magical. TOGETHER y'all they are a masterpiece. The music world isn't ready for them!!

Earlier last month, Brandon Harris (with Raven as his producer) released his first solo album SALT on all streaming platforms. Compiled of 16 songs, all ranging from slow jams to bops to open diary sessions, this album was a monumental moment for this Chicago native. His first debut solo show, held at Berklee College of Music's Caf stage, packed in over 200 hundred fans. People can't help but be drawn to him. People can't help but allow themselves to open up to what he has to say. Between him and Raven, they created something revolutionary.

These are our top 3 favorite songs from the album SALT:

1. Late Night Radio

- OMG wow such a calm bop that makes you feel like such a bad bitch/baller I can't stop listening to it. You are CRAZY if you don't listen to this song and get up to dance. Basically, telling listeners to get this money and focus on goals. Don't waste no time on small things when you can work hard, grind and get on top of the world.

2. Pretty

- This song is so emotional to listen to *grabs hella tissues*

I remember when I first heard Brandon sing this song live. There are literally no words I could use to describe what emotions come up when listening to Pretty. Its a heartbreaking song to listen to, but almost necessary for people to listen to. Literally like medicine for your heart.

3. All On You (feat. Mia Taylor)

- YOOOOO I remember when Brandon and Mia Taylor wrote this song last summer. I knew the moment I heard it, it would become the bop of the summer. A Deuce Got The Juice moment, Raven got the image of easy-going summer vibes with your boo-thang so perfectly down. It's a reflection of how she uses beats to capture such vibrant emotions, dreams and aesthetics.

Interviewing Brandon and Raven was so much fun and even though we are already close friends, I learned a lot about them as a partnership. They're so humble I don't think they realize sometimes just how innovative they are. It's insane to know two people that are so talented, and to have the chance to be their first interview is giving me such hard fan-girl emotions.

Brandon and Raven,

I'm so proud of you two. You guys make it worth doing what I do. I found you guys just by chance, just because I happen to become friends with you but, from the moment I saw what you two could do I knew that you would become something huge. Don't ever let your doubts get the best of you. Emotions are strong, but your love for what you do is stronger. Just know that you have an army of fans ready to support you in every way they can. I will be a fan for the rest of my life.



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