Do any of you feel uninspired?

It can be hard as songwriters. We are sometimes told the more we write, the better we will get, right? Well, I’ve been writing songs since I was thirteen, but before I wrote songs, I came up with lyrics with my little sister. I remember singing along to the radio and coming up with different phrases, and then my sister would correct me. We sometimes would harmonize. It was part of our life. I have been writing songs for 7 years, and I feel like I am getting somewhere. You know what I mean, right? When you think you’re songs are dope as hell, but there is so much music out there. It can get hard. Still, as songwriters, we keep on creating. It’s a necessity.

As songwriters, we recognize other incredible songwriters. Brandon Harris’s debut album Salt, for example, is one of those albums that inspires me. Great music inspires all of us, as do hearing great songwriters talk about their creative process. Priscilla Renea is one of those songwriters who all artists should look out for. Not only is Renea an artist, she's an incredible businesswoman as well. She talks about how a lot of songwriters can make money getting their songs on dance shows. Most importantly, she wrote California King Bed by Rihanna. One of my favorite songs of all time! So, if you need that push to keep writing this summer, take a look at this interview!

Here's a link to the podcast:


& here's a link to Rihanna's California King Bed:



Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Svea started writing and performing original music when she was 13. With a shy demeanor, songwriting was a way for her to express what she could not say. Aside from music, Svea is a voracious reader. She wrote for a poetry journal in her high school and has always believed in the power pf stories. Her senior year of high school, she came out with her first EP, Lyon, under the name Svea Lyon. The EP opened a lot of doors for her, and also helped her discover the types of songs listeners gravitated to and how to market herself as a songwriter and performer. After high school, she moved to Colorado to attend the University of Colorado Denver's songwriting program; however, after a year she chose to live with her sister in Los Angeles. She then transferred to Berklee College of Music, where she was amazed by all the determination and fearlessness of her peers. When Svea went to Natural Soul Rhythm's can show, she knew she wanted to support and learn in any way she could. Svea is so grateful and excited to be a writing intern for NSR.

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