This week I interviewed Megan Elmo, director of music and creative for Lyric House, which is a music licensing and publishing company in LA.

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Megan put herself through college and did as many internships as she could until she found the area in the industry she wanted to work in. Her primary focus is on music supervision. She got an internship at Lyric House and then got a job offer a week later! Megan loves the aspect of working with independent artists, mentioning how, "it is so easy for artists to keep the money in their pockets". In licensing, Megan pitches artist's sings to film and TV and therefore, Lyric house does not take royalties.

Q: When did you decide music licensing and publishing was something you were passionate about and wanted to pursue as a career path?

A: I kind of started this late in life [at] about 23 or 24. I realized I wanted to do music and I wanted to work in the business aspect of music because not only am I a musician, I love the music that I play, and I didn't want that to counteract the business side of things.

Q: How long has Lyric House been a company?

A: 7 years!

Q: Would you be able to describe how royalties are divided up?

A: Lyric House has a songwriting agreement that has artist friendly percentages for the back end of the royalties. In this agreement, the songwriter works with Lyric House to write a song for synch. Jessica Cole, the founder of the company, is a songwriter and wanted to create a business plan that benefitted songwriters.

Q: What types of songs are the most placable trailers, and what advice would you give to songwriters writing for synch?

A: Trailers, most of the time, have a specific sound. Hobbs and Shaw were hard-hitting hip hop. To me, when I'm talking to artists about what is relevant for what we do, I always tell them to write your experiences in life. At the end of the day, you're always going to have a show about struggles, challenges, life.

Q: What is the best way for artists to submit songs to Lyric House for consideration?

A: Don't give me songs that are ALL about love! Give me some variety, show me what you can do! Send 3 to 5 songs in a Soundcloud link, your best songs with VARIETY. You should also submit to the Music Coordinator, because she goes through every submission

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Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of working in licensing and publishing?

A: Sometimes we can change peoples lives. We have incidences where they (artists) are almost being evicted from their apartment, and we land them a major synch, and it just lines up properly, and we get them that money and they can move back in. It is humbling because what I do is push artists to put their name out there but also I am helping them change their lives.

Q: What are some of the artists signed to Lyric House you recommend we listen to?

A: *click on the names to listen to their music


She's incredible. I personally love my urban R&B. I mean growing up with my sister we were all about 90s R&B, so for me, I love that music and when I found her and signed her I was like, hell yeah I can't wait for this girl and her career. 2 years later, she is flourishing into this beautiful butterfly and pushing really good content and music.


He has this nice cinematic indie sound. His music works for ads and heartfelt movies.


Trala is awesome! They are on the rise!


Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Svea started writing and performing original music when she was 13. With a shy demeanor, songwriting was a way for her to express what she could not say. Aside from music, Svea is a voracious reader. She wrote for a poetry journal in her high school and has always believed in the power pf stories. Her senior year of high school, she came out with her first EP, Lyon, under the name Svea Lyon. The EP opened a lot of doors for her, and also helped her discover the types of songs listeners gravitated to and how to market herself as a songwriter and performer. After high school, she moved to Colorado to attend the University of Colorado Denver's songwriting program; however, after a year she chose to live with her sister in Los Angeles. She then transferred to Berklee College of Music, where she was amazed by all the determination and fearlessness of her peers. When Svea went to Natural Soul Rhythm's can show, she knew she wanted to support and learn in any way she could. Svea is so grateful and excited to be a writing intern for NSR.

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