Soul Mates how have y'all been feeling lately? Did you miss us? Don't worry cause I gotchu with NSR's latest feature artist. Let me put you on.

Can we please welcome VINA LOVE TO THE STAGE *woohoo yes screams and cheers*! All I know is I have been obsessed with this human since I first discovered her (shoutout to my sis Mia Taylor for putting ME on). There are so many reasons why someone can just fall in love with Vina Love. Her music, style and presence alone can hook someone in an instant. For me though? It's her drive. She has to be one of the most genuine and down to Earth people I have met, and she inspires me to do better and continuously push myself until I have reached my goals (and even then some). Getting to sit down and interview her was such an honor, and I definitely learned some things that I can carry with me as I continue to pursue my own dreams. *sniff sniff*

Ok enough tears, let me tell y'all about my girl Vina Love...

Born and raised in Harlem, NYC Vina Love was brought up

with major Hip-Hop influences because of her dad DJ Kid Capri (if you're a real fan you said it in the voice). So you already know that just put her ahead of the game when it comes to musicality and things like that. On top of that, though, her mom was a pretty famous stylist. Basically, they birthed an art baby. Now she's out here dropping bops like 'Air' and 'Drip' which is her most recent single. All of this is in preparation for her long-awaited EP. Just know, I have all kinds of calendars marked for that day and I am READY!! What's really wild is that her music really matched her different personalities. 'Air' is such a smooth and vibe-with-it kind of song which represents Vina's calm demeanor and low-key lifestyle. 'Drip' on the other hand highlights her fun and quirky side. The side that she likes to show off when she's making a statement. Honestly, her walking into a room makes a statement so 'Drip' is like the period at the end of her entrance.

ex: 'Vina Love enters room. *period* DRIP!!'


Let's discuss this interview now.

My favorite part was honestly the moments where we forgot we were interviewing and we just talked and chilled. Now I'm not gonna lie, I was so nervous to interview her. I was freaking out the whole MONTH while I was preparing for this interview so when the moment finally came I was, of course, shook. Vina Love calmed ME down and then after we got into the groove of things I felt both of us loosened up. I felt like I was just talking with my girl catching up on life. She had me laughing so many times because of her reactions to things. Like how she does not play with these boys when it comes to demanding her respect. At one point she said "you just need to teach them how you want to be respected and treated" and bro I felt that. She also spoke about her experiences filming for Growing Up Hip-Hop NY with her dad and how she's learned to balance the spotlight while staying true to remaining private about her personal life. I also got so hyped when she talked about how she would design a line of shoes in the future and how she styles them with jackets and bags and whew you already know when you get me started about fashion no one can shut me up.

I can go on and on about my time with Vina Love so imma just say this. She is so dope. She has a new sound ready to dominate the music industry. Y'all will thank me for putting you on.

Vina girl, I know you got a lot of fans out there, but just know I just became your #1 fan. I am so excited to see you grow and accomplish all the things you've set your mind too. I believe in you, and you honestly taught me how to believe in myself. I'll see you in five years with a hand full of Grammies.

Until next time.



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