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SOUL MATES! Wow I missed you guys so much. Sony Music put us on to this artist, so now we're putting YOU on. His name is Tyla Yaweh, and he's about to take over the hip-hop world.

Let's summarize the history before we begin. Tyla Yaweh is originally from Orlando, Florida and moved to LA when he was only 19 years old. After some time, Post Malone and his team discovered the young hip-hop rapper and took Tyla under his wing. Mentoring and helping him grow, Post Malone began working closely with Tyla Yaweh, which helped developed a powerful friendship. Now the two artists are creating and releasing dope music together!

Tyla Yaweh is like a chameleon to me. He mixes hip-hop and rock music together in almost all his music. Whenever he collaborates with someone, whether that be DaBaby in their single 'Stuntin' On You' or YG 'I Think I Love Her' or with Post Malone and rock drummer Tommy Lee 'Tommy Lee' his lyrics, tone of voice and rhythm morphs. It changes to always fit the mood of the beat. You're never disappointed in his music, and you're never bored. That's the thing about Tyla Yaweh that makes him so memorable.

I have two favorites from him right now that I have on constant repeat.

'Stuntin' On You' featuring DaBaby is such a vibe! The beat is so dope and catchy and it makes me feel sexy and lit listening to it because look, money is sexy, period. So to me, listening to the song just makes me feel like I already got it all. The concept of stunting on your haters and showing off the things you accomplished is hella satisfying so, you know I'm blasting the song the second I make my first millions. Or while I'm typing this article for you guys. It's not just the concept of the song I love, but again, how well the two rappers mesh together. They both make their marks with their lyric choices and expression. I can just tell they vibe'd so well together in the studio, and the song shows for it. So if you need a motivational song for the week, here you go. YOU'RE WELCOME!

My second favorite single from Tyla is actually from last year. 'I Think I Love Her' featuring YG is SO CATCHY and SPICY to me! I know spicy is such a weird way to describe a song but hear me out! This is the type of song I need to twerk to in the club or in the grocery store. I don't care where I'm hearing it. I'm dropping everything to dance to this. I loved how they just feed off each other lyric wise. The world they created within this song is such a party hard and living lavish type of dream like, you can't have a bad day if you're listening to this song. The confidence, sexiness and happiness this song emanates is contagious. Trust me.

I have to be honest with you, I was a little nervous to interview Tyla. I was scared that I was asking the wrong questions. I was scared that I wouldn't impress him with what I had prepared. It ended up being one of the best interviews I ever had. He's incredibly down to earth and open to anything and everything. He's not afraid of the challenges that get thrown his way. He embraces them, stating at one point "we need haters! If you don't have haters, you're not doing it right". We talked about his marketing skills and love for travel. We also talked fashion which I was so excited for (PS: Tyla if you're reading this, I can't wait for you to drop your fashion line). He gave me tips on how to remain level headed during the crazy moments of life, and showed off his proudness to the artists coming out of his hood in Orlando, Florida. He's such a cool guy, and his chill personality made me love his music even more.

So Soul Mates, if you're looking for someone new to rage with, download every single piece of music from Tyla Yaweh. And when you end up at one of his concerts, tell him NSR sent ya.





1. In an L'officiel interview, you mention how your marketing strategy for your song 'Alone' was to put the local radio station's number at the end of the music video and that helped the song go viral. How did you come up with such a genius idea like that?

- Is marketing something you would have been interested in pursuing if you weren't an artist?

- You had also mentioned that your sister being in a girl band helped push you to pursue music. Do you two ever work on music together?

A: Honestly I was just thinking of every idea. That was one thing that came to my mind. All the old videos back in the day like the old BET music videos and stuff [you had to] request songs to radio stations, so I just used that. And it obviously worked so that was pretty cool. I'm actually doing [marketing] now to be honest. A little bit here and there with my friends and stuff. They do like e-commerce and other marketing situations so, I'll always keep that spot in mind my whole life.

[My sister] used to be in a girl band. She actually does marketing now I got her into doing marketing.

2. I think your style is so dope. Would you ever consider designing clothes in collaboration with other designers, or even creating your own label?

A: Actually I'm in the process of doing that now, making my line called Rager Boy and we're doing other collabs with other artists. I have like five closets. Different clothes, different styles. Everyday is a different style. Like one day I might wear a jumpsuit, the next day I might wear super extravagant stuff. It's always been my dream so I made it happen!

3. You seem like such a positive guy. I know being a touring artist can sometimes be overwhelming. How do you remain level headed? What keeps you chill.

- What's some advice you can give to other artists who are trying to make it?

- What advice can you give for kids back in your old hood trying to make it out?

A: Being on the road is super fun to me. I like being in different places. I don't like to always just be sitting down too long. That's why I have multiple spots where I live. It's just dope to be around the world and see different cultures and you keep that levelness of not being home and having friends around me. My friends, they're not my family, but I call them my family. They my bloods. And all my friends from my home town, well two of my friends moved to California because of me so, they always with me. They come around the world, they came to Europe with me, came on tour with me, so I always keep my friends who came up with me, and that's what keeps me level headed. That's a big thing keeping your circle tight. I keep it like a trio. Very small and not too many people know where I'm at and where I'm going. You only create [negative] energy if you bring that energy around you.

Honestly, I'm really proud of Orlando right now. There's a lot of dope artists coming out of there right now. I'm hearing it out here in California like, my friends that are big artists like Trippie Redd, my homie Hotboii, GlokkNine, all these people from my hood are finally coming up, so it's just like cool. I just wanna give them the advice of keeping going, not stopping, just never give up and never fear the industry. Don't let the pressure get you.

4. You have this talent for mixing so many different genres together and just making it all sound so cohesive and unique. How do you go through your creative process. Do you have that one person or thing that you absolutely need to involve no matter what? What is something you hate while you're creating? What's something you love?

A: One thing I hate while creating, which is why I don't bring that many people into my studio sessions, cause when somebody tries to rap over you and you're listening to a beat and they go "oo, I'm rapping let me show you how many bars I got" I hate that cause I'm always just like focused trying to figure out the sound. Something I love, something I gotta have is the homies in the back. Just to create that energy and then a good engineer. That's all I need.

5. I noticed you really have a deep appreciation for the little things that make music whole. What are the small things you'd like to point out to listeners to pay attention to while listening to your music?

A: Honestly I just let them listen I don't point anything out cause I don't know if they're gonna notice anything. I just make music and if they wanna hear it then I show it to them and if they love it then they love it. I make music for myself. Don't really make it for other people. I make it for my fans too which is the most important because I listen to them and they listen to me so, those are the most important people. But when I'm showing another person, I just show them music cause they asked to listen to my stuff. Hopefully they vibe to it. 100% they will though I'm pretty confident in my music. Besides, we need haters! We need them to survive in this day. If you don't have haters then you not doing it right.

6. There's a couple of songs that I'd really like for you to break down for me. Off of your project 'Heart Full of Rage', who is 'They Ain't You' about? Then for your song with Post Malone 'Tommy Lee', what's the meaning behind that song?

- How did it feel working with the famous drummer, Tommy Lee? Are there future collaborations there?

A: [They Ain't You] was about my ex for sure. That's still my friend too. We were dating and we were going through it. I made a song about being on tour and being ourselves. It really helped and I ended up making a good song. I made it for her. She actually seen me perform it before. We ended up dating still after that, but she's not from here so we had to separate our ways. It was nothing bad, we chillin'.

[For Tommy Lee], We just showing people my version of what rock is. Tommy Lee and I were just talking about how cool our friendship is and how much he's a legend and how much he inspired me to make music and live this dope crazy lifestyle. One day I'll be in LA and the next end up somewhere else. Tommy Lee just did not give a fuck and that's the point in the song. And then the perfect rockstar to put on it was my bro Post Malone.

It's normal working with Post because he's like my family. It's like working with one of my best friends. He's teaching me to become a big star just like him and helping me get into the same position he's in. I wake up and thank God that's the first thing I do in the morning. I wanna be the same blessing that Post gave me, I wanna give to one of my friends.

7. If you could describe music with one word, what would it be and why?

A: It's life. We need it everywhere we go. When we get in the car, when we watch tv, when we go into the store, it's playing. When you're happy, when you're sad, music! Music is the way of life.

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