Hey Soul Mates!

Atlantic Records and the Culture Fusion Agency blessed me with such a dope opportunity, so I gotta start off this blog post by saying THANK YOU for thinking of Natural Soul Rhythm!

The She's On Deck Showcase featured newly signed female R&B artists that all had one thing in common: They were all destined to change the face of the music industry. It's always been a dream of mine to work for Atlantic Records, and I always found myself studying the artists they choose to sign. I always know when an Atlantic Records artist comes out onto the music scene, they'll be impressive and addictive, and that's just what these dope female performers served during their performances.

First things first, shoutout to Kehlani because she started off the show with an introduction on what R&B meant to her and how much potential she saw in these artists (FUN FACT: the first ever concert I went to was a Kehlani one). I might have fainted a little bit when I saw her, not gonna lie. But then, the show started, and I was utterly glued to the screen. From the detailing of the backgrounds, to the unique way they designed the transitions, to how real the performances felt. I loved, loved, LOVED the way it all came together to make me feel like I was really at a whole concert watching this performance live. I could just tell that so much meticulous work went into this. I know that the covid-19 pandemic really destroyed a lot of lives and people's future plans, but to see the way everyone just picked up, kept going and created these innovative options just blows my mind every time. Atlantic Records and Culture Fusion Agency really did the damn thing!!

Let's go through the artists that performed:


First off, her effortless singing style was everything for me. For her performance it was just her and this guitarist playing behind her. The set up allowed her voice to completely shine through. Her tone was so smooth and warm, and she had this little accent that just pulled her vocal style together so well. I also really loved how she placed her riffs and high notes, which by the way, were INSANE! She would literally go from belting, to these high notes that gave me literal shivers down my back. Her song 'Truth' was probably my favorite one during her set, but after downloading her project Things I Never Said, I'm having trouble trying to pick my top favorite now. Honestly, the whole project is my favorite, is that wrong?


UGHHHHH GUYS! She gave me real performance vibes ok? She was staring into my soul and she kept things simple but so engaging! When the world goes back to normal, I would love to see her live. Her voice has this high-pitched tone but it also has this sexiness to it that I know other people go crazy for as well. She's very addictive to listen to, and I'm not mad at it. Even now as I'm typing this, I automatically started playing her project 5th Element because I just had to hear her voice again. There was one song she sang that had the line "Do you think I'm mindless" that I really loved. People in general really underestimate the mind of the female, and that has got to stop. Females are literally running the world in all different kinds of work forces! Put some respect on our names fellas, 'cause the world wouldn't turn without the female race.


Here's the thing about Ayanis that made her stand out. She didn't care that it was only a camera in the audience. She performed and gave her all like she was facing a stadium filled with 1 million people shouting her name. I loved the way she introduced herself, as well as how she gave it 100% vocally and dance wise till the very end of her set. The band that accompanied her also gave her that extra push. She gave me sexy, bad bitch vibes, but I never felt like she was trying to hard. It just all seemed so natural to her! She has this new project that just came out this past Friday called YANI that I've been playing non-stop (my parents probably already know all the words by heart since I sing them so damn loud). If you need some energy for your day, she's your girl.


Guys. GUYS!! Raiche is definitely my favorite out of everyone. Her voice has such an interesting tone to it. Like nothing I've ever heard before. Then her lyrics? I could tell she definitely pays homage to the old school R&B type songs that really focused it's lyrics on telling a full story. It felt like she was reading a page out of her diary to me and expressing these feeling of frustrations that she wouldn't dare say to just anybody. She handled her vocals so incredibly well too like, OMG. Belting can sometimes feel every monotone. But with her, she added layers and dynamic to her singing. It's really a great vocal technique to have, and she's definitely mastered it (and whoever engineered this showcase did such a great job because I heard EVERYTHING). She has this single out right now called 'Funeral' that I recommend everyone in the universe to download (you're welcome).


Ok ya'll. This woman here is a strong and powerful singer. She has this intense vibe when performing that blew my mind and made me think outside the box in terms of how female artists perform. She allowed her voice to be rough, not always so careful and perfect. Her lyrics were daring, yet sensual at the same time. In one of her songs, she had this line, "I'm just a color // I don't want no problems" that was such a potent set of words. It made me feel sad for the times that we're in. I'm glad she chose to perform that song. It will always be our responsibility to use our platforms, however big or small, to speak on the injustices that are happening in this world. In this COUNTRY! Teamarrr just dominated the stage, and I will never forget her name, and I know you guys won't either, so make sure to download her project, Before I Spill Myself y'all. You'll thank me later.

All in all, this show was such an experience. There was never a moment where I got bored and went on my phone or paused to take a break. Even taking my attention away to write about it all was hard because I didn't want to miss a second of it. Thank you again to Atlantic Records and Culture Fusion Agency for this chance. Soul Mates, make sure to listen to ALL THESE AMAZING, BAD BITCH FEMALE INNOVATORS!!!