Hey Soul Mates! Ok so remember that write up we did for Atlantic Record's She's On Deck showcase last week? Well, your girl just scored another exclusive insight into one of the artists that performed,


She caught my eye the moment she started her set for this showcase. Her incredible stage presence and epic dancing skills dominated the stage. Her vocals are incredible, powerful and very sexy (as they should be girl, own it!). Ayanis is like the girl I wanted to grow up to be when I was a teenager, so it's such a huge honor to get to write about her interview with Culture Fusion Agency.

Her start into being the dope performer she is now all started off in church where her mom exposed her to singing in the choir. Her excitement for the music, on top of constantly being in a dancing state, revealed just how much she was meant to spend the rest of her life performing and making music. Once she got to college (Shout out to Georgia State) she met a producer, which then followed to her meeting her current A&R. Boom, present day Ayanis is born with the release of her debut project YANI!!!

During her interview with Culture Fusion Agency, Ayanis explains that YANI developed into her alter ego, with features like Mulatto, A Boogie, Wiz Khalifia and more! She explains that her project is all about, "confidence and how women need to build themselves in it because they are BAD BITCHES"! She wants women and young girls to know that, "ya'll gotta be comfortable in your own skin". Yani is determined to always be real with her female fans, and give them music that makes them feel strong and remind them not to ever let trash men break them or take them away from their goals and ambitions. "Hold yourself accountable," Ayanis implored to her watchers the night of the interview. "You're a diamond! You're valuable, worthy and shine bright. You don't need to let these guys play with you and break your heart. Put respect on your OWN name. You can cry about it, but then remember you're that bitch". When asked what her top fav songs were off the album, she lists 'Ecstasy' and 'That's real', and I totally agree with her.

What's more, watching her get all bubbly and excited about each and every song off the album just shows how much love and time she put into each and every song placed in that album. Her aim for this project was for there to be, "no skips" which makes me put hella respect on her name because it shows that she genuinely loves putting out good music. Ayanis has an incredibly kind personality, and her smile just lights up any room she walks into. Her fashion sense, mind set and music style is all inspired from 90s and early 2000s music. A great era in my opinion, don't ya think?

At the very end of her interview, we were able to ask our own questions for her to answer. So I asked her a question I know so many artists, entrepreneurs and dreamers ask all the time. How do we remain consistent on our journey? What's advice you can give on remaining focused and positive? So this was her answer: "Keep continuing to get better in your craft. Put yourself out there, continue working and be consistent. Networking with other people who are in your field. You have to be at it every day and make it your entire life. Once you’re really focused, everything will just start falling into place. Study and do your HW!! Learn how to do the things that you know will make you better. Go for it and believe in yourself. There’s gonna be a lot of people that will say no, but as long as you keep seeing it, you will find people who will see it for you as well. Also, a team is the key to everything. Having a great team behind you will be such a blessing because honestly, you won’t be able to do everything by yourself". On this, I agree 100%. Shoutout to NSR's all female team for the incredible work they put in to every project. A team that stands behind you and remains dedicated to the work is the key to success and growth within yourself and your company!

Soul Mates, Ayanis is DEFINITLEY an artist to look out for. Atlantic Records made a great decision signing her, and it wouldn't surprise me if by next year, she was at the top of the music charts. So go check out her album YANI, available on all platforms!!