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Hey Soul Mates!

Atlantic Records and the Culture Fusion Agency blessed me with such a dope opportunity, so I gotta start off this blog post by saying THANK YOU for thinking of Natural Soul Rhythm!

The She's On Deck Showcase featured newly signed female R&B artists that all had one thing in common: They were all destined to change the face of the music industry. It's always been a dream of mine to work for Atlantic Records, and I always found myself studying the artists they choose to sign. I always know when an Atlantic Records artist comes out onto the music scene, they'll be impressive and addictive, and that's just what these dope female performers served during their performances.

First things first, shoutout to Kehlani because she started off the show with an introduction on what R&B meant to her and how much potential she saw in these artists (FUN FACT: the first ever concert I went to was a Kehlani one). I might have fainted a little bit when I saw her, not gonna lie. But then, the show started, and I was utterly glued to the screen. From the detailing of the background