A platform of discovery and connection, Natural Soul Rhythm was created to be the bridge between artists and the people. Interviewing artists from different musical backgrounds, NSR is meant to be the world's modern day music library. As a music blog and A&R company, we created a space where their music can be shared and Record Labels can take a peak into the newest talent entering the music industry. Built and run by musicians, we here at NSR hope to be the middle men of the music being put out today. NSR also proudly partners with Mona's Lounge. Who will you discover next?


The People Behind the Scenes
(NSR is a proudly run female company)



"I created NSR with the intention of bringing new music and people together in one place"

   An NYC based R&B artist, Alma grew up in Queens, NY where she was musically influenced by multiple cultures, such as Brazilian, Puerto Rican and Russian music. Currently attending Berklee College of Music as a Music Business/Songwriting Major, she has dreamed of pursuing a musical career since she was very young. She has studied under such producers as Aaron Bastinelli, and has recorded with NYC Studios. She has also studied at Professional Performing Arts under a classical curriculum. Besides creating NSR, Alma is an avid songwriter, putting together songs on her guitar on a daily basis. She plans on being successful in all aspects of music. "For those who told me I couldn't, and for those who always promised me I can, I am determined to believe in the positive and surround myself with music". She also loves to mix her music love for fashion.


Head of Video Production/Photography

Shirleen Chen is a music manager and videographer from Los Angeles, California with a deep passion for the art of music. Growing up in a family of business people, she developed the mindset of a musician strongly influenced by business. She is currently studying vocal performance and majoring in Music Business/Management at Berklee College of Music with the goal of becoming a music entrepreneur. In September (2017) She founded Mona's lounge, a live music video recording venue based in Boston, Massachusetts. As Manager/Head of video production, Chen's goal is to unite and promote musicians, producers, engineers and all creatives under one collaborative project. In December (2017) she was referred by hip-hop rapper John Murray and joined Selective Collective, a record label also based in Boston, Massachusetts. Here, she has taken the roles of website manager and head of video production with Markus Heuer. In February (2018), the Mona's Lounge spin-off radio show 'Good Times at Mona's Lounge' made it's debut on the BIRN Radio (Berklee Internet Radio Network). here Shirleen Chen spins her top music picks of the week.


Media Director

Mia Taylor is a nineteen year old singer/songwriter from Clinton Hills in Brooklyn, NYC. At the age of three, she attended the Bed Stuy Youth Arts Academy where she discovered her love of music through the practice of dance. At the age of twelve, one of Taylor's instructors encouraged her to sing in the annual end of term showcase dance. That is where she found her voice. Taylor was brought up in a musical family filled with singers and musicians. The one person who influenced her the most was her grandfather, Stephan Sardinha, who was a steel pan pioneer from the beautiful Caribbean isle of Trinidad and Tobago. The Caribbean soca sound had a huge influence on Mia Taylor's music. Thus allowing her to produce a soca song of her own. After reaching almost 100k plays on SoundCloud from her remix to Fetty Wap's '679', Taylor released her first soca single 'FIYAH'. As she embraced her roots through her music, many doors began to open up for her in the soca world. Taylor now attends Berklee College of Music, where she plans on continuing to write, create and perfect her voice and artistry. Her number one goal is to work towards positively impacting others through her music.


Business Leader

Breeyah Dozier is an entrepreneur on the rise, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently enrolled in College and has graduated from Bishop Ford High School. Over the years she has worked day and night to build her brand Bamb Glam, a makeup company where she offers a wide range of services and goods. She has experience with multiple recording artists and brand development. Her passion for helping others build their brands was developed during the course of her internship and employment with NOBU restaurants. Breeyah has spent a great deal of time around industry folks studying the business in hopes to one day have her own PR/Marketing firm.


Our Partner

Mona's Lounge is a premier live music video recording venue with the goal of promoting the top up and coming artists from Berklee College of Music and artists nationwide. Guided by the visions of its founders, Shirleen Chen, Negin Jaz and Mitchie Rivera, Mona's lounge unites musicians, producers, engineers, and all creatives to collaborate on projects that can engage a global audience through social media. The idea of Mona's Lounge Live Sessions came about in 2017 during the first month of it's founders moving in together to their apartment in Boston, MA. Chen had filmed and recorded a cover of All I Want by Kodaline for Jaz and Rivera in their apartment living room, making it the first Mona's Lounge Live Session posted online. In a matter of months, artists from all around the world studying at Berklee College of Music were booking recording sessions at Mona's lounge before the official launch of the company in January, 2018. In September (2017) Mona's Lounge partnered with Natural Soul Rhythm to further promote artists through interviews and online music blogging. It is recognized that there are countless talented, but undiscovered artists. Mona's Lounge provides those artists with a visual representation of their music through music videos, photoshoots, and interviews for all their social media platforms.

- Shirleen Chen: manager and Head of Video Production
- Charlie Lublin: Head of Audio Engineering