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HELLO WONDERFUL SOUL MATES!! How are y'all enjoying the week? The NSR team has been working day and night so that we can finally release all the new artists we've found! A lot has happened since the NSR Artist Showcase, and now we're finally happy to share them with you all. ARE YOU GUYS HYPE??? WE ARE SO HYPE!!!

Without further ado, we introduce to you our newest NSR Artist,

M A L A Y A!! (woooo fireworks, applause, champagne).

Let's just be very clear here. Malaya has to be one of the most incredible artists I have ever met. Not only is she an amazing singer and songwriter, but she has incredible stage presence and can speak her mind to a band and everything translates perfectly. Music is her first language. Getting to know her during our interview, as well as watching her grow as an artist, has been such an incredible honor. It's really like sitting down with my own version of Beyonce to be honest (can you tell I'm fan-girling?).

She was born to be an artist. She had her start appearing on American Idol, where she made it to the top 8 when she was only fifteen years old (the 3rd youngest to have ever done that BTW). Since then, she has opened up and performed with Bryson Tiller, India Arie, Aretha Franklin, John Legend and more. There are no words to describe Malaya. She is just incredibly mind-blowing. I stand in shock sometimes when I watch her perform.

Malaya takes over a room. Simple as that. People can't help but stop and listen to her. Her songs speak the inner-workings of her mind. It gives us all a peak into who she is and how she works. Not to mention when we sat down for our interview, we ran over time by an hour. We couldn't stop talking! First of all, her hate for coffee and ice was a whole debate on its own. Then we spoke about her grandfather, who was also an incredible musician. After that, we bounced to her process while creating music. In between all those little conversations, we had such a great time goofing off and just talking.

Malaya!! I've only known you for a short time but I have completely fallen in love with you and your music. Your heart is kind and your mind is the most fascinating thing. You are so talented and genuine with your music, it's completely inspiring. I could hear you sing all day. I cold watch you perform forever. I know I don't need to remind you, but always remember that you're a star. Never let anyone or anything make you doubtful of yourself!! Stay focused and stay positive. You have an incredible gift. Run with it. Live your life with the mentality that you are incredible and one of a kind. I can't wait to see you take over the music world.



natural soul rhythm

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