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By Alma


There's nothing more satisfying than seeing an artist get the recognition and love they deserve! TheARTI$t has experienced overnight popularity after her live session with music discovery platform, Major Stage, went viral for her single 'Sober' earlier this year. With attention shown from artists like SZA and Summer Walker (which we totally manifested during our interview, might we add), TheARTI$t is on a fast track to becoming everyone's next favorite artist.

Here's the thing that stands out to us the most about her. She's not just your typical songwriter. She paints a story. Between her magnetic vocals and searing lyrics, there's no way you can miss what TheARTI$t is portraying. Sober' is the point of view of a person who experienced a lack of respect, effort and overall equal love from their partner. And this is the speech they give when they decide enough is enough. During our interview she explains, "this happened to me with two different women. I stuck it out because that's what our hearts and minds are trained to do, but eventually you gotta get up and walk away from things that don't serve you any purpose". Basically, don't ignore those red flags! 'Sober' is just that kind of song everyone can relate to whether it's a platonic or romantic situationship. 10/10 would recommend this song be sent to any friend who needs that sign to walk away from


Currently TheARTI$t has been traveling all around attending some cool writing sessions, collaborative getaways and building up the excitement for the most recent release of her single 'Chosen', which is available to stream everywhere. Y'all... this song! It's such a great follow up to her last single, giving a bit more of an upbeat tempo but sticking to that simplistic style that is becoming her signature. In our eyes, as long as it's TheARTI$t behind it, it's giving five stars every time.


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