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By Alma


Hey Soul Mates! Have you ever heard a song that makes you stop in your tracks & turn your music all the way up? The kind of music that quite literally speaks to your inner demons, dreams & deeper side of you that only you know best? That's what artist renforshort's newest album dear amelia does.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, renforshort is a 20 year old spokeswoman for our generation when it comes to speaking the truth. She challenges the way you emotionally deal with damage. Describing herself as "tastefully weird", her career started off with a bang after the release of her first single 'waves' went viral. After signing with Geffen Records, her next two singles were rewarded with over 5 million streams. Talk about a great head start! Followed by two more successful projects, her most recent album dear amelia shows fans her talents have only gotten more inspirational.

She opened dear amelia with the tune 'i miss you', & I couldn't help but connect to that feeling heavily. Growing up and taking in the world is a hardship. Her honesty is disarming. It's something we all need in our playlists. During our interview with Interscope Records, I got to know her quirkier side. She was bright & bubbly. Like, if I had to pick a color for her

aura, I would totally go with the bright white-blue she uses as her album cover. renforshort explained that Amelia is a character, & all the songs within the album are addressed to her. "She's the personification of the part of my brain that I put a lot of stress on", renforshort mentioned. She revealed that she struggled with herself this past year, learning how to find herself & just dealing with life as a whole. Taking that confession & comparing to her music, I saw the strength she poured into her songs. Although her lyrics are speaking on not-so-happy circumstances, she twisted the situation into something that has actually helped her grow to a new level, like her song 'don't come back'. In the musical sense, it's all in the most uplifting manner. With the occasional slow down tune like 'let you down' featuring Jake Bugg, she gives you a moment to breathe with her. She saves you from being overwhelmed.

Here's why I'm convinced that renforshort is the one to turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on. Her music is wholesome. She reminded me why I love the alternative music genre so much. So many sounds, vibes & aesthetics meshed into one beautiful & supportive space. Streaming dear amelia will bring you back from the brink & give you that cold sip of water you've been dying for.


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