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By Alma


Have you ever stopped to think about how magical women are? We're speaking on all aspects of being a female: the strength, the intelligence , the resilience and the beauty they bring every time they enter the room! Annie Tracy reminds us of our worth in her newest debut single 'Times It By Two' (which is now available to stream) and we're here to put y'all on.

Currently based in North Carolina, Annie Tracy has been cooking up music for the last few

years while being signed to iconic producer Tricky Stewart and celebrity & artist, Tiny Harris. Being patient and trusting in the process has been a huge part of this journey, which we

touched base on with Annie during our exclusive interview (available to watch on YouTube). Building a desired brand and image isn't a walk in the park and it takes an incredible amount of time! "It's all about God's timing" Annie expressed. "I just had to do a lot of internal growth . . . as an artist that's just what you're supposed to do"! Girl, we felt that. We also got into deep discussions on lessons learned while working as a full-time recording artist, standing by career decisions in terms of music released and her adorable experiences working with rapper T.I. and Tiny's daughter Heiress and her budding music talents! Speaking to Annie Tracy was such an experience. Her bright energy easily filled the room and made the process feel like we were catching up with a friend.

Now let's get into the music! 'Times It By Two' makes you feel like you're flying in the clouds. The music itself is so soft - the guitar tracks and airy backgrounds emphasizes Annie's intention of this single being a love letter to woman kind. Starting off the song like a conversation between herself and an ex-lover, she points out that even though he's not the guy she wanted him to be, she's not trippin' because she knows her worth is above that. During our interview Annie points out that life is always times by two when you have a woman involved. Lines like "everything you do I times it by two because that's what women do" is such a reminder that women need to stop allowing men to contradict their self-worth.

Every melody and vocal placement is so intentional, it makes every second listening to it

worth it. Especially the ending, where she sings "it's not healthy to pray for you to love, it's not healthy to pray that I'm enough, it's not healthy but baby I stay prayin' for you". Like, period talk yo shit!

Women are truly slept on, and it's songs like this that are a great reminder to know your worth.


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