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By Alma

Here at NSR, there's nothing we love more than meeting an artist who knows how to embrace their strongest qualities and use them to create something utterly unique for themselves.

We also love putting y'all on, and this time we're highlighting Mia Taylor.

So who is Mia Taylor? Popularly known as the Mango Queen, Mia is a Soca-Soul artist from Brooklyn, NYC. She has a knack for writing juicy, euphoric love songs that keep the island vibes going all year round. If we could organize artistic references, we'd have to mix Burna Boy, Rihanna, Kiana Lede, Nessa Preppy and Mya into the pot! Mia's sound perfectly blends her Trinidadian culture and Brooklyn vibes.

Her iconic single 'MANGO', which released in 2022, set the ball rolling. She introduced her bright and colorful island girl palette with extensive marketing tactics that led her to represent Trinidad in Nike's 2022 West Indies campaign. Now, this single was definitely made for the girls. The story line focuses on a relationship where Mia felt that her man wasn't fighting to meet the level of love and respect she deserved, so she developed her mantra of letting that man go. "I was just in such a weird space mentally" she expressed when we asked her for the inspo behind the hit single, "and I was just so attached to the idea of having a man. I was on the phone with my friend one day and she was like 'you need to let him go' . . . then boom. 'Mango' came about". Talk about FELT! Like ladies, who hasn't been there, done that?

At the time of our interview her newest single 'Traitor Joe' was a secret. But now it's available on all streaming platforms and it certainly shows a new side of Mia Taylor. The song highlights the fact that this man (we'll call him Joe) decided to mess around and leave Mia for another girl when he had the prize to begin with! Now Mia is in her glow up era, and all he can do is sit back and soak in his regrets. "You got her to take my place // I guess this is your f*ck boy stage, I'm so ed up" and "I guess it's f*ck her, f*ck you too // I wouldn't double back on you". The song gives a raw and personal angle to what someone who is broken hearted would say in a journal or to a best friend. That makes us love it, and her, even more.

Soul Mates, we've been fans of Ms. Mia Taylor for a long time (if you know, you know). When we say this new era of the island girl in the city was worth the wait, we're speaking facts. Every time she puts out a song, it's a hit. And if you learn anything from Mia's music, it would be to let that man go 'cause you deserve better than a traitor joe!


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