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By Alma


Our favorite thing about being a music magazine are the opportunities we get to meet so many artists and hear the influences of their city’s music style! We’re here to put you on to Chi-town’s very own R&B singer itoldLexi and her newest single ‘For You’, which just released on February 10th.

So let’s get into this piece of art. ‘For You’ is a simplistic track that gives a euphoric essence with light piano key trills and a heart-beat like rhythm. Her melody is conversational as are her lyrics. It’s a raw and honest heart-to-heart with her significant other and the red flags they’re bringing to the table. During our interview when I asked what the inspiration was,

Lexi explained that her and co-producer Chloe Rona Dunphy got into speaking about toxic relationship experiences. “What it is that’s on your mind and heart // it hurts my soul // like do you even need me” highlights thoughts of doubt based off of the lack of action on his end. His resistance of being emotionally open and available, but wanting to be in a relationship and expecting her to be blindly loyal. Her iconic line “if you’d rather be single, just say that too'' calls him out! Throughout the song she holds him responsible, which is something a lot of us struggle to do when dealing with

someone we’re in love with. If itoldLexi is gonna do anything, it’s gonna be to teach life lessons through her music. Period.

During our chat we also gained such an intimate insight into her journey in building her brand and image as an independent artist. People don’t give enough credit where it’s due when it comes to creatives and the work they put into the longevity of their brands. Experimenting and re-learning who you are as a person and creative has so many challenges in itself, but Lexi handles that rollercoaster with grace and confidence.

Here’s why itoldLexi’s sound has us always coming back for more. This new wave she’s on gives off effortless energy. Her voice is intensely rich, which makes anything she sings sound like honey. Lexi is hands down the best addition to your music collection.


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