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By Alma


Happy 2023 Soul Mates! The music industry has been changing rapidly, and we are so in love with all the new music that has been coming onto the scene. Partnering up with 1824 and Interscope Records, we’re honored to shine a spotlight on alternative pop artist, JAWNY and his recent single ‘True’, as well as his newest and highly anticipated debut album IT’S NEVER FAIR, ALWAYS TRUE (coming out March 3rd).

We’d like to start off by stating that with patience comes huge opportunities. JAWNY started off by making music at 13 with his brother. He hit the jackpot with his single ‘Honeypie’ in 2019, landing him several tv shows placements and over a million streams. During the press conference, he expressed that it was overwhelming and scary to blow up so quickly at such a young age. We recognized how humble and genuine his energy was while listening to his journey on his adaptation into becoming a full-time signed artist when he joined Interscope in 2020. When we asked him for some advice that other creatives could hold onto when writing he responded, “make things that are true to yourself. Don’t try to be too smart or listen to other songs and say ‘I need to write something like this’. Write whatever is true to you”. We really felt that in our souls.

Okay, we don’t want to admit that we almost passed out when he played some unreleased

music from his album, but we definitely stopped breathing for a second. ‘fall in love’, which is currently available on all streaming platforms, melted our hearts. The lyrics speak of a guy being so entranced by a girl that he isn’t looking forward to falling in love with her because he knows it’ll never work out in the end. The string orchestra and light piano accents just pull together this song beautifully. On top of highlighting one of the most relatable love topics! Like, who hasn't had a crush that didn’t reciprocate the feelings?

Now with his most recent single ‘true’ we feel like it was a great pre-game kind of vibe for this album. A love letter that's brutally honest in lyrics. However, the music gives a nice contrast revealing that even though he’s trying to get over someone, he’s still making the best of the situation, stating “Mama didn’t wanna raise a son who would grow up to be like my father // It’s true that I’m in love with you, there’s nothing I can do // I wish it wasn’t true”. A true reflection of his laid-back nature.

If we could describe JAWNY’s music, we’d say it was a genuine melting-pot of adventurous rock and bouncy pop with a hint of euphoric wonder. What’s more is that we admire his laid-back attitude of “faking a song into existence” (because we’ve all been there) and his no-nonsense mentality when it comes to negativity.

We say this to say, JAWNY is one of those rare artists whose music perfectly reflects day to day life and struggles with love. Pre-save his album IT’S NEVER FAIR, ALWAYS TRUE and start off your summer with a bang.


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