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After getting to know Jayla, I realized that she's the kind of person that speaks her mind and knows how to remain grounded in herself and her music. A self made producer, singer and songwriter, Jayla Darden is every music fanatic's dream come true. She is a do-it her self type of artist, which is absolutely enchanting and honestly, makes me a little envious! Down to earth, talented as hell and honest, Jayla has been dubbed the next come up artist.

So let's get to know the genius behind the Ideas:


Q: Unfortunately, it's pretty rare to see a self produced singer/songwriter female artist. How do you keep your head straight when dealing with the crowd of men that dominate the music industry?

A: Honestly, I don't really think too hard. No matter your gender, I think if you're talented, you're just talented and the world will make room for you. If ever I come across someone who I feel is treating me lesser because I'm a female it's easy to cut them off and keep pushing forward because I know there's an endless amount of opportunities in place to get me to where I need to be.

Q: So I definitely peeped that you have been incorporating the label 'Idea' into everything that you release. From your two EPs (Ideas Vol. 1 & 2) to literally all the songs on those projects. I have been trying to figure out what the bigger picture is so you gotta help me out here. What does it all mean? Where did you get that concept from?

A: It was really me being lazy. When I create I hop all over the place and for every beat I start I'd just number it. I'd write to some of them and wanted to hear them in the car but majority of the time they wouldn't be complete songs so I'd bounce them as "idea _" to know which session it was to go back and finish it. A lot of them I never finished I just ended up using those to build a foundation. I wanted to allow people to grow with me as I worked so I decided to drop 1 idea every month for 8 months and saved my favorite ones for an EP. Those songs were longer but the title 'Idea' caught on and became a part of the brand so I thought to keep it consistent with the EP.

Q: I see you put a song with Alex Isley called 'We'll Always Have Paris'! First off, that song is dope. What was the whole process like? How'd you like working with Alex? Are you planning on working with her on more music in the future?

A: Working with Alex was super easy! I have a studio set-up at the crib so she came over and we made one beat together. She took it home and a couple days later sent a whole jam back to me. I'm a fan, I definitely plan on working more with her she's incredible.

Q: What are your biggest fears when pursuing a music career?

What are the things you're looking forward to?

A: I don't have too many, but I guess my biggest fear would be not being able to tell whether someone is genuine or not when it comes to the industry. I'm looking forward to breaking the mold. I'm an artist, but I also produce and write for others so I know that even though everyone creating plays an equally important part in the process, everyone isn't treated that way. I'm also forward to being an inspiration and setting an example for anyone who comes after me. Right now there's not a lot of people doing what I do and a dream becomes easier to believe in when you see it was possible for someone else.

Q: If you could work with anyone in the industry, songwriting/producing/singing, who would it be?

A: I'm not sure. I use to name all my inspirations but now I think it's whoever I naturally vibe and have chemistry with.

Q: You clearly have had a gift for music since you were super young. Not only were you able to graduate High School a year early so you could study Audio Engineering at SAE, you also taught yourself how to play the piano, guitar, as well as how to use all the major DAWS in order to better your own production skills. So I guess my question is: How do you do it? Where does your drive come from?

A: It's always been in my nature to want to better myself even outside of music. I'm a perfectionist and I'm never comfortable with being in one spot for too long. I've always been either extremely passionate about something or I'm not, so when I became passionate about music I put all of my energy into it.

Q: Maybe you can give NSR the exclusive on what is being brought together in the studio. Do you have any projects coming out soon? (and are you planning on giving a small tour in the future?)

A: I can't really say just yet but I am constantly creating and have a lot of great things in the works!

Q: Now you get to answer the NSR traditional question LOL!

If you could describe music in one word, what would it be and why?

A: Time-capsule

This was hard because music is a lot of things and does a lot for me but I feel like no matter who you are or what a song means to you in the present eventually you'll hear it and it'll take you back to where you were when that song came out. Even older songs you haven't heard before will place you in whatever era it was created in because it's art and a reflection of how life was at that time.


Q: If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

(I'll tell you what I'd do: I would travel the world and buy my parents a house).

A: Knowing me I'd probably save it lol but ideally I'd take a percentage out of it to help people in need, invest some of it and make myself and my family are straight.


Jayla, it was such an honor getting to know you. You are an inspiration and the kind of artist myself, as well as everyone else strives to be. Keep pushing forward! You have something special in you that no one has seen before. Keep creating and keep being true to yourself. I look forward to seeing you on the top Billboard Charts soon.

Until next time Soul Mates...

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